Ecstasy List


Look up the different names and forms of MDMA


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Ecstasy List is an interesting app that can be used to look up the different forms that the drug commonly known as ecstasy or MDMA can be found in.

MDMA can be taken in a number of ways. Two of the most common forms of MDMA are tablets or pills covered in rice paper. Using Ecstasy List, you can see what the different kinds look like, as well as their names and weight. This app is essentially an extensive list of the names of different forms that MDMA can be found in. You will find many different colored pills with different drawings and designs printed onto the pills, each one with a specific name depending on the mixture of chemicals.

If you want learn more about the different forms MDMA comes in, Ecstasy List is a great app to have. Browse through the names and forms of this famous love drug with this app.
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